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There are a lot of sites on the internet that give generic ‘how to date’ tips. But we felt there was something lacking, something more practical. We wanted to make a resource for people who are about to get into relationships, who may be in long distance ones or are just looking to have some fun.


Talking Dirty

One of the best ways to have a spicy encounter is to have women talk dirty. This can enhance the experience of both parties involved. In both person and over the phone, the most important sexual organ is actually the brain. By involving the brain through talking dirty, people can get much more excited about any sort of sexual encounter. Dirty talk gets people ready to pursue more interaction and can lead to foreplay. Therefore it is important for guys and girls to learn how to talk dirty and use it to make their relationships and adult phone chat sessions even more exciting. If a person is able to learn how to talk dirty, they can become a better lover and can increase their sexual activity.

The key to talking dirty is to start slow and work your way into more and more explicit statements. A person cannot start with pure raunchy material as the other person is going to be offended. Therefore you need to go slowly and start with simple things. The easiest thing to start with is to start commenting on the persons body and their clothing. The person should begin with compliments that are slightly dirty, making comments on certain features. So if the girl has a great posterior, you could comment on it that is looks awesome. By saying that you like a girls behind you can then move to dirtier things. These statements would not be appropriate right away, but if you slowly build up to them, they can be helpful.

Dirty talking is more of an art than a science. You have to gauge the response of the person before moving forward. So if the girl or guy is not responsive to your original comments, you need to try a new direction. So if she did not respond to ‘I like your behind’ you might want to slow down. This could go forward with conversation about a favorite night out and places to go out. Maybe after talking about fun experiences you could then transition to fun experiences in bed. This sort of thing can start the dirty talk. By asking what your favorite night out is, you can then ask about favorite things to do at night.

At last resort, you can always rely on a tactic like truth or dare. Truth or dare is a time honored way of getting girls or guys to expose things about themselves. This is a relatively easy way to say relatively dirty things and get more into the dirty talking. This technique is a little amateur, but can be used a last resort. Regardless of how you get there, it is worth trying these different methods of getting people to loosen up in order to have a better sexual encounter. If you can get a women talk dirty, there are much better chances that the sex and physical interaction are going to be great.


Stories can be a great way to ‘get in the mood’. Fiction, and literature broadly speaking, has a way of articulating a part of you that you may not have identified or struggled to verbalize. Sexual stories can be exhilarating. Living vicariously through the characters can trigger libido.

Here are a few fantastic (and free!) sex stories, also known as pulp erotica, that can get you in the mood in the bedroom or over the phone:

The Gift of Life to the Goddess Zena
Diary of a Bobby Soxer

Long Distance

Dating long distance, or looking to meet someone who lives far way, can be challenging. Even when you’ve established contact with the person, it’s tough to keep the spark alive. The above information about talking dirty and stories are useful, but we have one additional recommendation. Have you ever used the phone to ‘get in the mood’? Did you know that there are phone services out there that help you meet other singles or just have some naughty chat? Here’s an adult chat site catalog called All Earth Phone Sex. They have sites with free trials and several different categories.

Our friends at HowCast put together a great video that includes some tips on how to have the best adult chat, or phone sex, of your life:

Other examples sites:

Erotic Victoria
Sonic Erotica

Quick Tips to Increase Sexual Desire (Libido)

  • It is more difficult to climax if you’re worried or anxious, so enjoy some down time, take up meditation or yoga and take deep breaths and clear your mind before starting foreplay.
  • Encourage your partner to give you a full body massage with oil – this will allow them to explore your body and recognize where you like to be touched.
  • Your partner has no way of knowing if you’re not satisfied in bed unless you tell them. Be assertive and explain what’s not working for you and how you’d like things to change.
  • I’m coming, I’m coming… no I’m not. We’ve all been in the situation when our partner beats us to it, but try teasing each other a bit more. The longer the delay, the greater the pleasure!
  • If you’re creatures of habit when it comes to sex, why not mix it up a bit? Stepping into the shower, doing it in a different bed or at a different time of the day could be just what you need to awaken your libido.

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